People say "G-Force Recordings" is "the Studio" for Hardcore, Punk, Melody-Core and Rap, but I don’t care. I can go into all kinds of music: Jazz-Folk, Funk-Punk, Hitcore, Blues-Rap, Classik-Tekkno.

So, my name is Nico Poschke. When I’m not producing, I take care of my guitar that I play in my band THREE CHORD WONDER.

I started the recording-business in 1989 when I did recordings for THREE CHORD WONDER with my first 8-Track recorder. Later on, I recorded the first GIGANTOR (I played in Gigantor till 1998) Single „Quicker than quick" with that machine (Yes, it’s an 8-Track-Recording !!!).

(That's meee!!!)


G-Force Recordings
Wilma-Conradi-Weg 7
D-30449 Hannover

tel. ##49 (0)511 2105282

Everyone who’s working in a studio knows:

If you have an 8-Track you'll want a 16-Track. If you have a 16-Track you'll want more, more, more... So that I finally started working with a 24-Track in 1992.

In 1994 I found a location for a studio in the same building as Lost & Found Records. As I did lots of recordings for L&F artists so it became obvious to name my studio "Lost & Found Studios". By the end of 1996 I moved my studio to a new location. I'm working now at SKY-STUDIOS(Hannover) where I have better conditions, better equipment and I can really maintain the price.

Now I’m able to record more than 48-Tracks (if you're in need of it !) with 72-Mixdown-Channels.

Nico Poschke produced or engineered Bands like:

Ignite(USA), Power of Expression(D), Rykers(D), Battery(USA), Gigantor(D), Channel 3(USA), Mister Review(NL), Skin of Tears(D), Practical Joke(D), 108(USA), Stromsperre(D), Baseball Annie(S), Right Direction(NL), Tech 9(NL), Backfire(NL), Violation of Trust(NL), Pittbull(USA), Demon Joker Junior(NL), Anfall(D), Three Chord Wonder(D), Popperklopper(D), Baken Beans(D), Discipline(NL), Boiling Point(D), Killrays(D), Not Available(D), Element(D), Deuce(D), Hartkorn(D), Crivits(NL), Racial Abuse(A), Only Attitude Counts(A), Seekers of the Truth(F), Spass dabei(D), Hard Resistance(B), Beat Generation(D), Dauerlutscher(D), G-Point Generation(D), Glocken der Revolution(D), Down to Reality(D), Spinrock Candy(E), No lesson learned(D),  Adjudgement(D), Def Dump(L), Toxic Walls(D) ...

Live or Monitor-Mix for:

Godfathers, Tom Mega, Terry Hoax, Lemonheads, Be, Klezmatics, Dissidenten ...